Eerie tales

Eerie Tales and Lonesome trails they’re leading me to my destiny among the mountains and the streams there lies a deep deep mystery of the tales that have been told and told and retold again Eerie Tales and Lonesome trails they are leading me to my destiny Thunder loud Here Comes dark clouds Eerie Tales… Read More Eerie tales

Age Old Memories

Age old memories turn to dust And get scattered by the wind We could kick and stir them up With a game of make pretend But I am sure you’ve heard I gave someone my name And I really must go I’m too old to play this game  

Find Me

The sun is rising up, and I’m waking from this beer induced sleep My heart is aching now, and I’m wondering why she really had to leave Yes, I’ve had it bad before, but never quite this bad She said “how can you lose what you have never had?”   I’m losing my mind –… Read More Find Me

Born Broken

Life is a gift – it comes in a box We shake it up and wonder what we got We dream about the things we might be Excited like children around a tree We begin to unwrap it and toss innocence aside We open up the box and look inside  Just to find that we’re… Read More Born Broken