I have always had a passion writing song lyrics. The irresistible impulse to write hits me when I’m driving or, in the shower, or when I wake up at 4am. As a teenager I dreamed that one day I would be successful songwriter. I bought a guitar and signed up for lessons, and soon discovered that I have absolutely no passion (or talent) for music.

My lyrical passion never went away. Below are links to some of the lyrics I have written. They are better served here, than scattered about on random pieces of paper.

Ashes of Pain

Don’t let your soul fall

The Longer I Live

Unfulfilled Dreams

Glory and Fame

Wave your flag – 4th of July

Lessons of Life

Blue Ribbon Beer – Swisher Sweet Cigars

Trying to touch your wings

Howling Winds

Drink and Reminisce

Blank Sheet

I sit here alone

When You Wind Up Alone

Already Missing You

I’m bitter

Why am I here?

Eerie tales

Meaningless, Meaningless

Find Me

A day in my life – In Tennessee

The Greatest Love

Seduction – personified

Everybody Bleeds

Here’s to You

On a Night Such As This

Unfinished Song

Demons In My Head

Slam the Door




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