Before Christ 

A younger version of my self had questions for the maddening world around me. Questions about existence, about religion, about philosophy – about the yearnings in the depths of my soul.  These very questions make us human.

On this page I will post writings that I have from that stage of my life. From the young, agnostic me – jakeallensharp BC- In comments I may address things from my older, and Christian perspective.

“I never use to smoke this much. I do it to ease the stress. But my stress is self created, so the doctors say. I hear the phone ring and it makes me angry. I hear the rain hit the roof above my head and it makes me cry. I think of my pathetic life and sometimes laugh. What happened to the great potential Mrs. Fine saw in me back in the third grade? My potential is gone – gone like the smoke I exhale, leaving nothing behind but poison.”

JAS 2000

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