Hate Flows From The Heart

Hate flows from the heart and poison is on your lip

An arrow hits its mark as your venomous words drip

Feeding the fire with fuel, the flames grow and grow

The conflagration rages until it is out of control

And we wonder why we feel like we are always on the edge

We push each other ever closer to a dangerous ledge

We only want to hear echos of our own voice?

Is our moral compass based on the loudest noise?

Tolerance preached by the left, but is always contradicted

You don’t tolerate any view but the one you scripted

The most extreme views on both the left and the right

Flow from the same source, the enemy of the light

We become confident in our ignorance and think we know it all

Reinforced by popularity, but pride comes before the fall


Enough Doubt to Keep From Trying

When I look up at the sky I know I was born for flying

But I have just enough doubt to keep from trying

A little bit of hope, but lord I’m getting older

And the nights are getting long and my heart colder

I’m confident enough to think I can fly

But because of my doubt I never try

The world spins around but I stand still

I feel left behind and I probaly always will 

I Had A Thought, That You Were Here

I took a walk so I could think

I had to walk and buy a drink

I had a thought that were here

And I was strong had no fear

And we could live happily

You and I and our family

We were happily in love

Only blue skies up above


I had thought, I had a plan

I wanted to be your man

You took my hand, said I do

I close my eyes and dream of you

And we walk hand in hand

On the beach and in the sand

I could get lost in your eyes

As the sun sets in the sky


I took a walk down the hall

I try to make sense of it all

Many things run through my mind

I can’t leave our love behind

I look outside, I see the moon

The light disappears too soon

Lost in thoughts in memory

I think about our destiny


You Can Rewrite History

Monuments bring closure 

Like a headstone when life is over

For a heeling wound, there is no need

To rip off the scab, just to watch it bleed
The sins of the nation atoned by

The blood of 600,000 lives

The war ended, and the Union band

Honored the fallen foe with ‘Dixieland’
Generations removed from the pain

We get easily offended by a name?

So Robert E. Lee, was removed today

Look away, look away, look away
You can rewrite history

But you cannot erase my memory

You can change the street sign

But it will always be Stonewall in my mind

The Deception of Prosperity

Guard against the deception of prosperity for riches will fade away

Lust for wealth, conception of depravity for sin will lead you astray

Sin leads to death. Adultrous words drip of honey

Always watch your step, not chasing after money

Be quick to listen, slow to anger, slow to speak

Words marked with wisdom doesn’t make you weak

Of great importance, watch every word you say

With a gentle spirit, restore the brother gone astray

God is the giver of gifts, he gives wisdom you need

You were saved by faith, and delivered unto deeds.


Books on the Shelf

The Legends of the world

Kingdoms built by the mighty sword

Castles with dragons blowing fire

Nights in shining armor we admire

Things of childhood fantasy
I could close my eyes and see

I learned to read them myself

Now collecting dust on my shelf

Deceivers and Believers

There are deceivers and believers

Deceivers believe they believe

Believers believe the heart will deceive

Be not deceived, if you believe

Believe that your heart will deceive

It’s a Rainy Day in the World

Its a rainy day for the world

I look around and all I see is pain

The clouds roll in with the wind

I stand here in the middle of the rain
Its a dreary day in the world

How can I pretend that its okay

Tears fall across all nations

Opened mouth with no words to say
Its a dark day in the world

Sadness as wind drives the rain

With disbelief I see the suffering

Crying and trembling conveys the pain
Its a lonely day in the world

All alone together we all cry

I look at the world around me

Soaked as the rain falls from the sky

Smoke On Stone

Memories look like smoke on stone

Reminds me that the flame is gone

Stains on my soul are left behind

Blackens my heart and my mind


I am strong enough to get through

I can survive, even the likes of you

I will remain, solid as a stone

A monument to a love that’s gone


Memories look like smoke on stone

Reminds me that the flame is gone

Stains on my soul are left behind

Blackens my heart and my mind


Seasons come and seasons go

My aged eyes will always show

When I am lost in a memory

When I think of you and me


Memories look like smoke on stone

Reminds me that the flame is gone

Stains on my soul are left behind

Blackens my heart and my mind



Moments in time. Stand still yet go by way too fast.

You are mine. We will stand the test, our love will last.

When the memories we have shared together

They will carry us from this life to forever

I will gladly walk with you hand in hand

Anywhere with you is like the promised land

I am not through, we still have life to live

Everything I have, to you, I give

Moments like this stand still but end too soon

You and I underneath a perfect moon

And the stars overhead are shining bright

I want to love you, like this is our last night