My brain – my mind is like a desk. It’s usually cluttered but not for lack of effort. Sometimes I’m attention asleep – I stack papers organized them have everything neatly placed and my plans written on paper on my desk. That’s when the dust storm comes in like a whirlwind of creativity. I forget what I was supposed to be doing I forget it about the task at hand, forget to pay bills, forget to turn in assignments, forget to complete things I had already started.

My thoughts become paper scattered by the wind. 

I frantically trying to gather my thoughts again 

without much effort my words all rhyme

 then I’m lost in a moment in time 

at least in my mind.

The dust settles and I look around. Try to pick up the pieces. I try my best to straighten my desk. I make a new plan and write down on a piece of paper in my head. 

I think I have things together…but I feel the wind picking up. Creativity stirs within.


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