The Sound of Noise

The only thing worse than silence is the sound of noise

Every single whisper is like a screaming voice

I bury my head in my pillow, I try to withdraw

To lose sight of emotions is my greatest flaw
When the sound laughter makes me angry, what does it say about me?

I should not take for granted precious nights with family

I shut the door to my room, and the door to my emotions

I should be happy but I am distraction by commotion
Everything that touches me, is like spiders on my skin

Crawling to places in my soul that no one has been

I notice every smell in every corner of this place

I don’t mean to be so distant, adrift in my own space

My senses are on fire consuming me

The outlook is dire, I may never be free

Chained to a condition that no one understands

Shut the doors, kill the lights, close my eyes once again


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