Life flashes before your eyes

If your whole life flashes before your eyes

A lifetime of memories before you die

Wash away pain with the tears you cry

And everyone says their last goodbye
What will be the moments that standout?

What will be the things you recall?

What memories will you treasure the most

On the night you lose it all?
Will it be childhood playground friends

Or the storms of life, the howling winds

The family that you grew up in

Or the mistakes you made again and again
What will be the things that stand out

What memories will you recall

What moments will seem to freeze in time

As your time grows small?
Riding a bike

Learning to fall 

Making mistakes

Playing baseball

Your first kiss

Your first broken heart

Spending your paycheck

At the Walmart

Concerts and football

Books and TV

Finding a love

Thats meant to be

Having children

Falling in love 


All the above
Life flashes

Before your eyes

Gather the family

Say your goodbyes

Pain washed away by the tears you cry


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