Insights from a broken washing machine to a broken man

The washing machine isn’t known for its philosophical insights on life. After a few hours, I realized that I am not known for my mechanical abilities. I had failed to repair the problem, and my ego lay scattered on the floor like the pieces of my washing machine. I had discovered the problem, but lacked the tools and skills to repair it.

At an impasse, I pondered deeply (as I often do) about life. The washing machine had started making a loud screetching and clanking sound while in the spin cycle. My first instinct was to kick it (did I mention the lack of mechanical ability?) When that didn’t work, and I couldn’t bear to listen to it clank, bang, and screetch, I took it apart to get a closer look at the problem. The “spider bracket” that holds the tub in place had corroded and broken. 

I pondered on this and how symbolic it is of people in our lives. Some people make a lot of noise, maybe complain a lot, or ask for a lot. Maybe they lash out, become mean spirited and hurtful in their actions. Our first instinct may be to kick them. But if we take time to talk to them, take apart their outer walls, we will discover that they make a lot of noise because they are broken inside. 

Hard life, like hard water, is corrosive. The spin cycles create constant pressure, and under a heavy load something snaps. 

You don’t have to fix it, just be aware of it. Sometimes the person (like my washing machine) will need professional help and we need to be okay with that and encourage that. 

Sometimes WE are the ones broken inside we become moody, hateful, and bitter. We feel like we are being kicked around by others, maybe they hope to silence our clanking. 

We must recognize that we all need help sometimes. On that note, I must find the number for the Maytag repairman.


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