Check Your Shoes For Spiders

Check your shoes for spiders

Before you put them on

Don’t open the front door

If the light is still on

Close the door quick behind you

So nobody can look in

They would condemn the house

If they saw the shape it’s in


She woke up one morning

With a feeling she couldn’t shake

She had had a dream that night

She talked to my uncle Jake

If something bad were to happen

She would not forgive herself

My uncle’s obituary – like a warning

Had fallen from the shelf


Mom would stress all day

While waiting on the mail

She was worried it would fall

Into the hands of someone else

An unexpected visit

And her entire day was shot

I never understood it

Now, I’m like that a lot


I don’t want to be like that

And live my life confined

I don’t want to be held captive

By the tricks of my mind

But I check my shoes for spiders

Before I put them on

I close the door behind me

When I walk out of my home



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