Death defeated by love divine

We were in a burning house. The dark cloud of death was upon us. Flames awaited us, and longed for our souls. But for mercy, our bodies consumed. By grace, our lives renewed. By His blood, death defeated.

Through the darkness, His light shone. Through the smoke, I saw the way.

Out of darkness, into light. Forgiveness for my wretched heart.

We were all once in chains, enslaved. Death was always in our midst. The flames of hell so desired our souls. But the chains of sin were broken, the moment I believed.

I pondered at a field of graves. I walked by and read the names. I envisioned there, our bodies lay: bones dry and turned to dust. But where would my soul be? Eternally condemned?

Then I went back in my mind to the darkness of the cloud of death. Bodies lying charred, but that did not happen. I imagine our bodies receiving the breath of life. I see them rising up like Lazarus, brought back from death.

Even though we never died, we were living while dead inside. Death had made an engagement, and waited eagerly for the consummation. Like hungry wolves, were the howls from the gates of hell.

Out of the Ashes, we learn to trust. We learn loss, and loneliness. And now we are standing here alive for the first time. I am yours and you are mine. We are redeemed to love divine.


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