Dream, Hallucination, or Intoxication?

A small alley behind the bar and grill

I must have fallen ill, visions that must not be real

I maybe stumbled and fell to the ground

I heard a sound. My mind spinning around

In a flash, as if I was in a dream

That’s how is seems. Yes, it must’ve been a dream.

In that alley it seemed so real

Asleep? But I could feel, in my soul a chill.


Listen to my dream, or hallucination

Intoxication, maybe, but I have hesitation

If what I have seen is real, I mean really real.

There should be a chill, one you can feel.

Vision blurred, I looked up from the alley floor

The things that were, were not as before

In this dream, I saw a street so wide

Where pleasures hide, and ran to it in stride.


On the street there were many, many lives

Friends of mine, some even had their wives

All seemed as lost and as drunk as me

All carefree, ‘must be good whiskey’

Then a voice yelled, I couldn’t understand

In the shadows, a man, with two folded hands.

Some stumbled down and joined us on the street.

Foolishness to me, why he wouldn’t let us be?


A glow in the distance gave a little bit of light

It was the darkest night, what’s wrong or right

Giving ourselves over to all sensuality

To all impurity, living for the depravity

I had every sinful desire, but only wanted more

Like Babylon’s whore, darkness at its core

The glow in the distance became my goal

An ember of coal, it surely would give rest for my soul.


As I drew closer, I felt warm water washing over my feet

Like the shores of a beach, the water and light I long to meet

Then the yelling again, from the shadows, so loud!

I looked but could see no one now, blinded somehow

Turn around! I heard but could not see.

A small alley, I lay there alone just me.

I was drifting in and out of my head

Was I dead, I was overcome with dread.



“Wake up, O sleeper rise from the dead! Christ will shine on you”


I opened my eyes but still was not awake.

There was a lake, and the ground began to shake.

The distant glow that had been my desire

A lake of fire, my lustful heart a liar

Warm water at my feet was really blood

I saw a judge, a righteous judge

Everyone around me could not see

I began to plea, franticly I did plea


Where I once heard laughter I now heard cries

They would not recognize the deception of their eyes?

I ran through the crowd, begging all to turn around

Like a legion of swine, they were marching to be drowned

I heard a voice and it spoke of salvation

Even if hallucination, better than damnation!

Looking for the voice, I found him beside the street

Light had found me, and my eyes could see


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