Bathroom Theology

I spend a couple hours each evening doing janitorial work. It gives me an opportunity to think about many things, and even get lost in deep thought. While cleaning the bathrooms I started thinking about theology in practical terms. Just as I remove stains from toilets, Jesus removes the stains of my sin.

The bathroom is a great illustration of the condition of man. We have all made messes in our lives, most of which we would be ashamed of anyone seeing. Some of us make bigger messes than others, but nothing is too bad for Jesus to clean.

Then I thought about the restrooms that appear clean. It is my janitorial responsibility to clean them as well. I wipe down every surface with Lysol wipes. I clean the toilet bowl. I clean the mirrors and shine the sink faucets, removing the smudges left behind by fingers.

Again, that is like our need to be cleansed. Some of us may look clean. It is the unseen things that often cause sickness and death.

No one is too dirty for Jesus to clean. No one is so clean that they do not need Jesus to disinfect.

He cleans our obvious messes, but also takes away the hidden sins. His Word cleans the mirror, allowing us to see ourselves better. He wipes the smudged left behind by our hands…sometimes we leave a smudge on everything we touch.

The method that he uses for the hardest stains, must be similar to those used by any custodian. I apply the toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak in before I scrub. The word of God works like that, sometimes we have to let it soak in and loosen all the grime from our dirty souls.

Why don’t we, as Christians try to do that as well? Don’t start out with abrasive scrubbing. Be patient and allow God’s word and the Holy Spirit’s conviction set in.

Remember, the blood of Jesus is sufficient to cleanse all who believe. He will cleans us from the nastiest stains and leave us white as porcelain.


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