The different types of laughter

This is like an encyclopedia of my own personal laughs, you probable share some of them.

  • Polite Laugh – This is perhaps my most common laugh. In its purest form it is usually reserved for the elderly, supervisors, or anyone in a position that seems deserving of respect.
  • Socially Awkward Laugh – Wait, am I supposed to laugh? I think I am but you were talking only to me so I can’t gauge the appropriate response by the reactions of others. So I will start a vocalization that sounds laugh-ish and if you seem utterly offended I will convert my “laugh” into a sneeze or cough and try my best to play it off.
  • Secretly Sarcastic Laugh – This laugh occurs when someone assumes they are funny, and you and a friend make eye-contact and are reminded of an inside joke. The false comedian thinks you are laughing at his or her great sense of humor. You may be laughing at that person…but not their jokes.
  • You’re Wasting My Time Laugh – This laugh occurs when I am obviously very busy or in a hurry. The instigator will start telling me a “you got to hear this one” story about something “hilarious.” I know I must listen but I attempt to slowly move away while the story is being told. When they finally get to the end of their rather boring and not as important as what I was doing story, I make a “huh huh huh” type of laugh, which must surely expose itself an insincere…The laugh is followed by a half-laugh, half-sigh
  • Appropriate Affect Laugh – This is a form of the Polite Laugh. I laugh based on what would be considered the appropriate emotional reaction. I use this when I don’t feel like laughing, but the social context demands it.
  • Extrovert Appeasement Laugh – Some people are naturally loud and jovial. They love talking and laughing and everybody loves them. This type of person will yell across the parking lot, often shooting pithy one-liners or stereotypical catchphrases. I respond with a wide smile and a laugh, and generic one-liner of my own like, “you know it” “Yep, Yep” or “oh, yeah.” The downfall of this laugh, is I really never have any idea what the instigator is saying. I hear loudness and words and perceive light-heartedness, but that is sometimes just the person’s everyday voice. I hate getting a “Why are you laughing, I’m serious, my mom is in ICU?”
  • Spousal Appeasement Laugh – I’m not sure what she said, but I think it was comical, so I laugh. The danger is that laughter might be misconstrued as my agreeing to do something…for which I will be yelled at for never doing (Sorry, I don’t know what I agreed too)
  • Can’t Fake-Laugh Anymore Laugh – This is the consequence of too many “You’re Wasting my time laughs” “Polite Laughs” and various “Appeasement Laughs.” The laugh itself is more sigh than laugh.
  • I have no clue what you what you are talking about laugh – I heard your voice and words, but the highway to my language processing center was temporarily shut down due to the sound of the A/C unit, the flickering light, and voice in my head saying “pay attention to this person!” In this situation, I guess and respond in a way similar to the socially awkward laugh.
  • Mind-In-Gutter-Chuckle – All I need to say, is that every man has an inner 13-yr old that can turn almost anything into a dirty joke. Knowing this is usually not appropriate, I chuckle slightly, and if noticed I pretend I’m laughing about something else.
  • Time-delay laugh – This is a spontaneous and genuine laugh. It may occur while someone is having a serious conversation with me. I’m not laughing at your problems. I just randomly remembered the time I drove around town with my cup of coffee sitting on the trunk.
  • Inappropriate Affect Laugh – I hear something, either on the news or in person, and I know the appropriate reaction is sadness or concern. (example: Dog overdoses on heroin while owners are in Walmart shoplifting) For some reason it strikes me as funny. This is another spontaneous and genuine laugh. I act like I had a time-delay laugh, and pretend that I just remembered something funny.

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