Feline Theology

(We can learn a lot about ourselves by observing nature around us)

She was born in captivity. She has never known life outside the walls of our home. I see her sometimes, her ears turn toward a sound unheard by human ears. Her tail twitches and she gets a wild look in her eyes. Her animal nature, her innate tendencies rise above domestication.

She often jumps in the window sill and makes a clicking sound, mimicking the birds outside. I think I have even seen her drool while gazing at a robin on the fence. She wants to hunt. She longs for a world that she has never known. Out the bedroom window, she only gets a glimpse of the world she was created for. Her nature does not lie or deceive.

Oh, Flower-Lilly, how similar we are. Created for eternity, I live within the confines of a fallen world. The curtain moves and I catch glimpses of eternity. The door cracks and I see the light outside the confines of this small place. We were meant to live for more than this.

She longs to hunt in the wild, but she would not survive. The world out there is harsh. She doesn’t understand the boundaries that I have imposed.

I don’t understand the walls that hold me in. Why long for something that cannot be attained? Eternity was set on man’s heart. I, too, gaze out the window and yearn for that for which I was created.


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