Memories That I didn’t Make

It was like a dream, like a vision in book

She led me by the hand, down the hall for a look

She asked me if I wanted, to see what was inside

The room it was my heart, and I cast all cares aside


Do you want to see the love you have dreamed of?

What could’ve been if you had had unselfish love?

Do you want to know the life you were born to live

This is the greatest gift I can give


I see the kids that need me, the wife I forsake

I seem to miss it, day after day

I come face to face with my biggest mistake

It’s not you, it’s the memories that I didn’t make


The life that I dreamed of is here, in front of me

Happiness in the life, is here, my family

I have overlooked it, like a bad Christmas play

The ghosts of my future say it’s not too late


My heart nearly stopped, I awake from the dream

I look and see you lying next to me

I really hate to wake you, but I’ve got to say

Things are going to change starting today


I will call in this morning, take the day off

The kids and us, should go play mini-golf

When life is over, I may have many mistakes

I refuse to look back on memories that I did not make



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