I had a dream I couldn’t breathe

I had a dream I couldn’t breathe. I jumped awake. It felt like I nearly jumped from my skin. I looked around the dark room, the shadows seemed broken. My surroundings themselves…only fragments of shattered thoughts.

Could it be happening again?

I look at the broken shapes trying to construct the puzzle in my mind. My world, I piece together, in the shadows of the darkness. I walk out of the bedroom and see the front door wide open. I run to shut it only to realize it was already closed…still locked…never opened. I spin around and I see flashes of light. Then the pain starts.

Pain so sharp in my cerebral cortex it awakens me again. I feel the sodium and potassium ions moving through the gates, returning their resting state. All returns to an inner homeostasis.

The shapes around my room return to the normal shapes I would expect. The only lights I see are those on the modem, flashing blue. I try to stand up, my leg is numb., tingling pins and needles.

I draw a breath, I can breathe. I close my eyes and return to dream.


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