This (Hello Jane)

Look at this

And what it’s done

It’s hard to live

I can’t have fun

My world spins

Like a bottle on the ground

Years it’s been

And I’m nowhere bound


Look at this

It’s a new brew

I’ve never tried it

So I got a few

I don’t get out much

Cause I can’t drive

A nice lady checks on me

Each day around five


Just wheel me out

I’ve got some things to say

To the stone of a stranger

I cry everyday


Hello Jane

I know we never met

Your name and face

I cannot forget

I want you to know

The way that I feel

I wish that I had never

Gotten behind the wheel


Look at this

This thing I’ve done

You should have lived

You were so young

My world spins

Like a bottle on the ground

Twenty years it’s been

Since they laid you down


You mama came to see me

When I was in jail

Somehow she forgave me

I can’t forgive myself


What is this?

This change I feel

I can’t explain it

But I know it’s real

Your mama did

Talk about the Word

Finally today,

I trust in the Lord
I’ve been forgiven

By the Lord on high

I can’t wait to tell your mom

Around about five


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