They wonder why people snap

(to the sharks on the other end of the line,;

the legalized conmen that rob me blind) 

You say you understand but you don’t

You say there’s nothing you can do – but there is and you won’t

Your smugness comes across in your tone

You look down on me from your power-trip throne

You do things that legally aren’t right

But you  know that I don’t have the money to fight

Your actions piss on the lower-middle class

You wouldn’t know what is right – if it kicked you in the ass


And they wonder why people snap…


(to the well intentioned but out of touch,

save me the pep talk I’ve heard enough) 

You think you know what it’s like

To have a month where money is tight

But you’ve never had to make the decision

Buying food for you kids, or facing eviction?

To get to my job I put gas in my tank

I knowingly overdraft my account at the bank

You think I need your advice – but you don’t even know

no one works harder than me with nothing to show


And they wonder why people snap…


(You look down on my debt, shake your head at my student loan

Looking back I do regret, I never had daddy’s money to live on)






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