Looking for someone to hate

Life gets complicated so we simplify

Build stereotypes that we vilify

It makes it easier to draw the lines

In the sands of our minds

And we find our reasons to justify

The prejudice that we disguise

If we really asked ‘what would Jesus do?’

Would he act like me, and act like you?


Everybody’s looking for someone to hate

Someone to blame – for their mistakes

Humankind has blundered from the very start

Wickedness inside, darkness in his heart


I watched my children – innocent eyes

Not like the thoughts I have inside

They look out on the playground, and see new friends

Not the language of a tongue, or the color of skin


If we could all stop looking for someone to hate

We are the same and we all make mistakes

I know that I have blundered, I want a new start

I want the light inside, so I open up my heart


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