The most dangerous thoughts

I don’t remember ever writing this, but it is my handwriting and has my name scribbled across the top of the page


The most dangerous thoughts are the ones you only think of

when you’re alone with your weary head

The most dangerous time is three in the morning

when you’re asleep in a cold dark bed

The most frightening sounds are the ones you only hear

in the night when you are all alone

The most frightening sights are the ones you only see

before you open your eyes at dawn


You hear the clock ticking like the haunting sound of distant feet

And between each tick of the clock, you hear your own heart beat


(Jake Sharp, 1998)


2 thoughts on “The most dangerous thoughts

Add yours

  1. I went to that place,
    For a time.
    A young man of 20,
    And I wrote those same words,
    At least very nearly the same.
    Those thoughts are no longer scary for me,
    And the fear I know in the light
    Is a stronger poison by far.


    1. I wrote those words about 20 years ago. I don’t know if I felt them or if I was just being artistically dark. In the Light that I know, I don’t fear the dark or anything in it.
      Thanks for the words. I think ‘that place’ is experienced by lots of people, and some even admit it.

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