Gluttony And Pride

Saw the face of a starving child on my TV

It was like his eyes were staring at me

I had to change the channel – I’m desensitized

But what if I could see the world through his eyes


I turned the channel and I felt sick inside

Images of gluttony and pride

Excess that is grotesque, we compete

We see how many hotdogs we can eat


It’s not enough for us to have our stomachs filled

It’s like the prophecy of The Hunger Games fulfilled


We indulge on everything, to avoid seeing the need

We become desensitized by greed


I walk to the fridge, see leftovers from last night

I was about to throw them out, now it doesn’t seem right

I count my blessings, thank God for leftover takeout

I wipe my eye, and sit back down on the couch


I always change the channel – I don’t want to see

The eyes of hunger – the face of poverty

When I see it, I am forced to look inside

I am a man full of gluttony and pride




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