Like a natural predator in the heart of man, creativity is a beast

Everyone admires the magnificence when beauty and danger meet


Like a beast in a cage, masses walk by

“Don’t get too close!” is the warning cry

We all know the stories of those that have died

Still you feel a connection when you look in its eyes

Like there is something human deep down inside

Beneath the muscles and teeth and claws

It reminds you of your deepest flaws

A beast kept in a cage on display

In music, in art, in movies and plays

Mere spectators stay outside of the gate

They can forget that the danger is innate

For the most part, no harm comes their way

They marvel at the creature they see

And admire the beauty of the beast


The tamer sees no cage and no bars

No way to know if he has gone too far

For every beast tamer there will come an hour

For the beast in its nature is built to devour

The beast attacks and the tamer bleeds

People line up and pay money to see

They talk of the tragic lives that were led

By many beast tamers that now are dead

Poe, Joplin, Hank and Cobain

Hendrix, Tupac, too many to name

Captive to the freedom of creativity

Inside of us all lives this beautiful beast


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