Our God – Our Provider

Sometimes God’s provision comes like manna from heaven. At other times His provision comes like abundant crops. In both instances we are be thankful and praise God for his provision.

Manna fell from the sky and those in the wilderness were to pick it up and eat. No labor was required, but no greed would be tolerated. They could only eat what had fallen that day. Those that tried to hoard up manna for the next day would find in rotten and inedible.

An abundant crop season requires our work – tilling, planting, watering, weeding and ultimately harvesting. Harvest season itself involves weeks strenuous labor from sunup to sundown. The reward is bountiful provisions.

If you expect God’s provision to always look like manna, you may be blind to the provision he has in front of you. After all, a seed doesn’t look like a bountiful harvest.

If you expect God’s provision to always look like a bumper crop, you may become prideful and look down on those eating manna. You may pass up God’s provision because of your pride.

I am thankful for the times in which provisions fell like manna. I am equally thankful for the seeds and the soil that I am currently working. I pray that I never fail to recognize that it all comes from our God, our provider.



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