“The Future” – Written in the Past

“There are no limitations to the possibilities of the human mind. Thoughts are as numerous as grains of sand on the beach. Others will walk on your thoughts just as they walk on grains of sand, oh, but your thoughts hold more potential than does sand. The wind of inspiration may carry the grain of thought many a mile, until the thought is no longer like a grain of sand at all. It has now taken the form of a seed traveling the heavens in search of a place to prosper. Many good seeds fall on barren land and go to waste. But a lucky few will find fertile soil. What once was just a thought will grow to full maturity. The thought, now reality, will spawn new thoughts. Over time an entire forest will be created, all in direct response to the first seed. This newly formed forest is called the future.”

(not sure what was going on in my head when I wrote this one, 2-28-2001)


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