Beautiful Beast

Like a natural predator in the heart of man, creativity is a beast Everyone admires the magnificence when beauty and danger meet   Like a beast in a cage, masses walk by “Don’t get too close!” is the warning cry We all know the stories of those that have died Still you feel a connection… Read More Beautiful Beast


The sun still rises like it did before But the sky is dark For my heart is at war The grass doesn’t grow On this barren land I ask myself Does God have a plan? The sun shines down On someone today Just not on me For my soul is gray I know the sun… Read More Anymore


More than words – More than art No way to express – The love of my heart Ups and downs – And winding roads I cannot see – what our future holds You search my eyes – You feel my soul You are the half – That makes me whole My love bleeds deeper – Than paper and pen I long… Read More More

I’m Sorry

my friend   I am sitting at a red light in the rain. Thinking about the path that’s led me here. Reflecting on days of great pain. In this moment, I know, God is near.   Stillness is where I hear His Voice. With this thought I turn off the radio. In the city I… Read More I’m Sorry