Clarity in Tragedy

When tragedy strikes there is no ambiguity. There is no haze. There is no fog. Through tear-filled eyes we clearly see the solid line of life and death. We look around and everything is different. What seemed urgent yesterday is now insignificant.

Those we love the most are hurting. We see that they need us, and we need them. We feel an emptiness. Someone we love dearly has parted. Our heart bleeds in grief.

In the midst of our pain we realign our freshly broken hearts. We know that this is what it all comes down to in the end. Most of our time is spent on meaningless distractions. We think of a time we were too busy to make a phone call, or in too big of a hurry to stop by.

Life and death. That’s all there really is. No shades of gray. No fog. No haze. It’s a solid line, no pulse.

The word of God carries the power of life and death. As sharp as a double edged sword. The word of God became flesh and lived amongst us. He tasted death so we may have eternal life. Life or death. That’s the only options. The line is clear and the choice is yours.

A moment of clarity brought on by tragedy can bring you from death into life. Through my tears I clearly see and proclaim to you all, the truth of His word. The way, truth and life that is Jesus Christ.


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