Are you distracted?

The professor mentioned something that intrigued me toward the beginning of the lecture. He mentioned patent protection and then moved on into trademark law. My brain was aroused, not by his lecture, but by the memory of a plan I had for a product that would revolutionize personal hygiene in the restroom (don’t ask.) In typical ADHD fashion, I was “distracted” from the topic of the day.

At another point in my academic adventure, I spoke to a student counselor about the struggles I had faced that semester. Several zeros had tarnished my record, dropping my GPA significantly. We talked about setting priorities to avoid my being distracted. We talked of goal setting and rewards. We discussed everything that we should have to enable me to fulfill the role of a student. Then I asked a question.

“What if I am prioritizing things correctly?” His look prompted me to emphasize a point. “In a hundred years will my grade matter? Who in the future will care if I got an A or a C, or even an F for that matter? What if I avoid distractions by implementing the steps we’ve discussed, and improve my grades…but never write the words that will outlast my life. My inclination to create, with words or with art…should I consider that less a priority my assignments? The inclination comes from God – the assignments come from man.”

What if the things that we do throughout the course of daily life, are the distractions. What if the moments when you can remove yourself daily grind, and get lost in a fit of artistic creativity…what if those are the moments that you are truly fulfilling your purpose?

I know that there are “day-to-day” things that must be done. We must meet appointments and deadlines. We must pay bills. We must be disciplined. But what price do we pay?

Perhaps there is a great need that we miss. The need for community. In community, we surround ourselves with people that help remember deadlines find car keys. We would not burden ourselves with fitting into a mold of ‘responsible citizen,’ but we would bear our burdens together. And we can better pursue our distractions  vision.







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