Things Unseen

Urban wildlife is thriving in Plano, TX. Just a stroll, not even dark yet, and this little guy starts walking toward me. A fearless, seemingly friendly, neighborhood bobcat.


Throughout the city, sightings have been on the rise. There have stories on the news, about missing poodles, and the such. People panic easily. There is a Facebook page “Plano Bobcat Sightings”, that allows people to share their encounters. I shared my video with them. It was a nice encounter with nature, but I began to ponder.

There are more than 400 units in the apartments complex where I live. It wasn’t even dark, other people were walking around…no one seemed to take notice of this feline predator. A few people glanced over as they walked by, likely thinking it was just a stray cat.

This cat, unseen by hundreds of people nearby.

He saw me though.


We made eye contact and peacefully parted ways.

This was a physical creature in the natural world that lives in the midst of a thriving city. In the presence of our society it remains mostly unseen. If a natural creature can remain unseen, how much more can be said for the supernatural? Spiritual warfare that exists in the midst of our daily lives, but in the hustle of life we don’t see it. If we do see it, we only glance at it and assume its only our imagination, or misfortune…or coincidence.

No real conclusion to this post, just open-ended pondering aloud. But I will leave with a short poem

There are things – unseen – on the path we tread

lurking in the shadows – inside your head

You lie awake – and fill with dread

Fearing things unseen beneath your bed.

Good night, folks!


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