Fallen From Our Nest

I held the egg in my hand. I smiled a little at the novelty of it. It was a small, teal, representation of the beauty that exists in nature. It’s not very often I find an egg intact. I wanted to show it to my kids.

Then I felt it move.


I noticed a small chip in the egg’s surface, and felt the life inside it trying to break free. I looked around, trying to determine where the egg had come from. It was laying in the grass, not immediately under any tree or bush. Where was its nest?

I felt a strange sense of helplessness. Hopeless empathy toward the bird inside. If it doesn’t hatch, doesn’t break through the shell, it will not know life in this world. If it hatches, far from its nest  – its home, and far from its mother, it will quickly perish.

As my daughter approached, I tossed the egg to the ground without her seeing it. I wanted to spare her the emotions that would surely come to her. Walking home, I thought deeply about the egg and the condition of the bird within.


It is very similar to the condition of man.

We have fallen far from our nest. We tirelessly work to break free of our shells. We are sold on the lie that freedom exists outside of it. But even if we break free the shell that confines us…we still cannot live. Still need the nurture of a mother-bird.

Instinctively we look toward the sky – knowing there is a home out there somewhere. Confined to the ground, destined for death unless there is intervention from above. Surrounded by harsh world – predators that seek to devour – others, dying like us, deny that there even is a nest.

I refuse to deny what my very nature longs for.

Though we wander across the ground, I know we were born to fly. I know that God himself have come to restore us to the life for which we were made. I know that by trusting in the Lord, we will not perish. Under the protection of His wings, we will live forever.






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