Teach me to feel

Teach me to feel, teach me to feel again

I want to love you, the way I did back then

I’ve grown numb from all of the pain

Through it all, your love has remained


I don’t deserve, someone like you

I have hurt you, by the things that I do

I stand before you, a shell of a man

I hope you know this was not my plan


Teach me to feel, teach me to feel again

I want to love you, like I did back then

I am numb, from all the abuse

Teach me to be, a little more like you


I want to cry, I want to laugh and play

Like we did, back in the day

Now we live, together but alone

Seems somehow, my heart has turned to stone


Teach me to feel, teach me to feel again

I want to love you through till the end

I am numb, but if you’ll take my hand

I will try, I want to be a better man.



Three faces of me

Each man has three versions of himself: the man others think he is, the man he thinks he is, and the man he really is.

Clarity in Tragedy

When tragedy strikes there is no ambiguity. There is no haze. There is no fog. Through tear-filled eyes we clearly see the solid line of life and death. We look around and everything is different. What seemed urgent yesterday is now insignificant.

Those we love the most are hurting. We see that they need us, and we need them. We feel an emptiness. Someone we love dearly has parted. Our heart bleeds in grief.

In the midst of our pain we realign our freshly broken hearts. We know that this is what it all comes down to in the end. Most of our time is spent on meaningless distractions. We think of a time we were too busy to make a phone call, or in too big of a hurry to stop by.

Life and death. That’s all there really is. No shades of gray. No fog. No haze. It’s a solid line, no pulse.

The word of God carries the power of life and death. As sharp as a double edged sword. The word of God became flesh and lived amongst us. He tasted death so we may have eternal life. Life or death. That’s the only options. The line is clear and the choice is yours.

A moment of clarity brought on by tragedy can bring you from death into life. Through my tears I clearly see and proclaim to you all, the truth of His word. The way, truth and life that is Jesus Christ.

On a Night Such As This

            I feel like I make empty promises

            I watch you suffer through the pain

            I want us to laugh like we once did

            I want to dance with you in the rain

            Wash away the cares that weigh us down

            Remember the excitement of our kiss

            Explosive, life changing love we found

            It was on a night such as this

            I see the sadness you try to hide

            I know you deserve so much more

            I should always stand by your side

            Instead of punching holes in the door

            Wash away the cares that weigh us down

            Remember the excitement of our kiss

           Explosive, life changing love we found

           It was on a night such as this

          I sit here awake as the world sleeps

          I want to wake you up and share my heart

         Words and sleep don’t come easily

         I quietly place this note on the bed…

         Wash away the cares that weigh us down

          I promise we will dance in the rain

         Explosive, life changing love we found

        Everyone thought we were insane

        I still feel the excitement when we kiss

        It’s hard to let you sleep on a night such as this

Are you distracted?

The professor mentioned something that intrigued me toward the beginning of the lecture. He mentioned patent protection and then moved on into trademark law. My brain was aroused, not by his lecture, but by the memory of a plan I had for a product that would revolutionize personal hygiene in the restroom (don’t ask.) In typical ADHD fashion, I was “distracted” from the topic of the day.

At another point in my academic adventure, I spoke to a student counselor about the struggles I had faced that semester. Several zeros had tarnished my record, dropping my GPA significantly. We talked about setting priorities to avoid my being distracted. We talked of goal setting and rewards. We discussed everything that we should have to enable me to fulfill the role of a student. Then I asked a question.

“What if I am prioritizing things correctly?” His look prompted me to emphasize a point. “In a hundred years will my grade matter? Who in the future will care if I got an A or a C, or even an F for that matter? What if I avoid distractions by implementing the steps we’ve discussed, and improve my grades…but never write the words that will outlast my life. My inclination to create, with words or with art…should I consider that less a priority my assignments? The inclination comes from God – the assignments come from man.”

What if the things that we do throughout the course of daily life, are the distractions. What if the moments when you can remove yourself daily grind, and get lost in a fit of artistic creativity…what if those are the moments that you are truly fulfilling your purpose?

I know that there are “day-to-day” things that must be done. We must meet appointments and deadlines. We must pay bills. We must be disciplined. But what price do we pay?

Perhaps there is a great need that we miss. The need for community. In community, we surround ourselves with people that help remember deadlines find car keys. We would not burden ourselves with fitting into a mold of ‘responsible citizen,’ but we would bear our burdens together. And we can better pursue our distractions  vision.






Lessons of Life

They say between now and forever – that I may become a wise man

And the lessons I will learn through the years – will help me understand

And over time I’ll learn to endure all the pains that flow

They say between now and forever – many a love will come and will go


I don’t want to learn the lessons of life

If it means getting my heart broke by you

I don’t want to learn how to survive

If it means losing the love I thought was true

They say that I am blind now – only because I am young

Wise men say that the end to all good things must come

There’s no place I’d rather be than here with you – beneath the open sky

How can I be blind now – for I can see the love deep in your eyes

I don’t want to learn the lessons of life

If it means getting my heart broke by you

I don’t want to learn how to survive

If it means losing the love I thought was true

I don’t care if I ever grow wise – later on when I’m old

I just want to lay with you and watch our love story unfold




Ranting – Against Haters

          Why use a tragedy as an opportunnity to hurl insults? Disagree with her politics in a public debate and discuss the issues. Saying mean things about her, NOW, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, reveal a less than Christ-like motive. It shows a heart as dark as those strapped with explosives.
Godly discernment is needed. Slander and gossip is not okay.
Be quick to listen, slow to anger and slow to speak…shall I add “slow to Tweet”


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