Humanity Buried

Humanity gets buried beneath the dust on a page.

Those that care to dig, find bones, artifacts – fragments

Fragments of an ancient way of life – distant – sterile – lifeless

We put together pieces of the past from the musky smell of old paper

Biblical Hebrew as our pic axe – the new covenant as our light

We present our findings with confidence

that the weight of our education will hold the fragments in place

At best, we present a skeleton of a distant people

To an audience of flesh and blood.

An audience preoccupied with burdens of life

Issues of infidelity – of insecurity – of jealousy – of poverty

Sickness that seems unjust – hard times that seem unfair

Betrayals that torment – sleepless nights – guilt

Passionate sins that stir the heart – lies and secrets

Intoxicating substances – decisions that change everything

The audience is preoccupied with humanity

The very same humanity – still buried beneath the dust on a page



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