A Psalm of Modern-Day Lament

Restore the Wi-Fi, oh Lord

Let the router provide optimal speeds

I have been cut off from your people

My phone and my laptop fail me

There are no Words With Friends

Facebook has been hidden from me

I cannot connect with those around me

They accuse me of ignoring messages

They write slanderous things on my wall

My twitter name will be no more


You have allowed this, my Lord.

Forcing me to rely of public Wi-Fi

Or worse, face to face communication

Have I been deleted from your list of friends?

I trust you, for I know how great you are.

In the days of old, of dial-up modems

You brought all of America online

Through you, bandwidth has multiplied

Why do the wicked connect to Netflix

While I watch network TV?

By your mighty hand, make

the U-Verse tremble before you.

Restore my connection, oh Lord.

And I will tweet your praises.

The world will share and know you are Good

I will make a joyful meme.

I post your praises forever.


2 thoughts on “A Psalm of Modern-Day Lament

Add yours

  1. Why has he shut off your wifi? Does he want you to do something, but you are too into the internet? He must be trying to tell you something! God bless and good luck.


    1. Its actually just a whimsical thing. I still have Wi-Fi, hence the post. If anything, my recent lack of activity on this blog shows I do not spend enough time.
      God Bless.

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