Dualistic, transgendered world.

If you believe in God your intelligence will be questioned. If you talk to God, jokes will be made. You will be viewed as a weak, uninformed, commoner. You may be pitied, for the religious leaders in your life led you astray with fairy tales.

Emotions have overtaken you and you operate on “blind faith”. If you weren’t so dumb, or such a “common” person, you would rely on science instead of feelings.

You “feel” the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and you “feel” the realness of God in your life. What about scientific proof? You cannot prove that God exists. You will be accused of living in a world of make believe. You will be accused of hiding from the facts of science.

here’s an atheist quote to chew on as we move on 

Religion thrives on blind faith, and crumbles to the ground when someone asks an intelligent question. -Owen Mills

What if you don’t believe in God. What if God wasn’t the question at hand. Instead lets tackle a few popular issues. What if you support abortion as a woman’s freedom of choice. You dismiss the claim that life begins at conception.

Scientifically when does life begin? Biologically, when does life begin?

The real fun topic…gender confusion. Psychology defines gender as “how one identifies with maleness or femaleness”

If your were born a male but identify as a female, you can live as a woman. You have always “felt” like a female, and how you “feel” about yourself is important. When you publicly follow your fairytale “gender identity” you will be praised.  You will be called courageous, and may even win awards for it. You are not a commoner, but a pioneer in transgender equality. When people make jokes they will be ridiculed and called intolerant.

So to recap, Christians are living in a fairytale and ignore science. They are uninformed, weak-minded, and have no science to explain their “blind faith”

If you are transgendered, you are not called out for ignoring science. You are not “weak-minded”, but rather heroic. You have no science to prove you are a female, but there is evidence in your pants that you are male.

Oh the dualistic world in which we live.


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