Fourth of July

The birth of our nation will be celebrated with fireworks and hotdogs, beer and burgers. It is a day to be grateful of the liberties we have, even if those liberties seem fleeting. In the words of Lee Greenwood, I am proud to be an American. I am also concerned…not with our country, but with us. I’m afraid we boast in our nation, but not in our Lord. I am also concerned that we equate the USA with Christianity.

We must not let nostalgia zap our joy. I often hear that this nation needs to turn back to God, back to the religion of our founding fathers. But our founding fathers, most of them, did not believe in orthodox Christianity. Many of them denied the Trinity. Thomas Jefferson created the “Jefferson Bible” in which he removed anything which he thought was added to the original text. Most notably, he removed the virgin birth and the resurrection. The story of Jesus ends with him being placed in the tomb.

The religious tone of the founding fathers, more often than not, focused on morality and proper living. According to many of them, Jesus only set an example for us. A weak view of Jesus and a weak view of atonement, led to generations of religious legalism…still existing today. To be a Christian was to follow a list of dos and don’ts…or at least appear to do so.

I pray this nation never goes back to the faith of our founding fathers. I pray, instead, that faithful followers of Christ will find peace in Christ alone. Recognize that even though we live on Earth, in a country that we love, we are ultimately citizens of God’s Kingdom and only ambassadors here.

I consider myself blessed to be living in the United States. Living here is truly a gift from God. I will celebrate our nation’s independence, but I will never forget my complete dependence on God. I strive to boast in Him alone.

Are you boasting in Christ? Are you more proud of you temporary residence than your eternal home? When Christ is our focus joy is always present. We rejoice, not because we look back at how good we think things once were, but because we look ahead, with certainty, at how great things will be.


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