Green Lemons

Green lemons fall from the lemon tree That’s what the old wise man said to me Some die too young and answers can’t be found Green lemons fall from the branches to the ground We can never understand all the things we see An aging life, like a lemon, both sour and sweet I cling… Read More Green Lemons

Madness in this world

So much madness in this world So much that I can’t ignore Censorship disguised as free press Talking points for the mindless Connect the dots to villainize Feed the masses a diet of lies Label those that disagree Then rewrite our history

Another Alphabetical Poem

A 26 word poem, A – Z, one word per letter. Absolute Beauty Comes Dying Emptied For Grace Hath Incarnate Jesus, King, Lord, Mighty Name Only Person Qualified Redeemed Sinners To Undeserved Victory With Χριστος Your Zenith I may have slightly cheated by using the Greek Χριστος, (Christ) but it seemed to fit.