Fear of Flying

Sam was afraid of flying. For thirty-five years he had avoided airplanes, and had avoided telling anyone of his fear. His fear was real, even if it was irrational. This time, it may be unavoidable. Sam will have to face his fear, or at least admit his fear. He had travelled for business in the past, but never to… Read More Fear of Flying

Paint The Sky

There is beauty in the evening sky There is wonder in her young eyes She feels pain that she doesn’t confess She wonders if it is meaningless Paint the sky for her eyes to see The glory of your majesty When she sees the beauty above Remind her of your endless love A war is… Read More Paint The Sky

Chemicals in Dollar Tree Items

http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/81-percent-dollar-store-products-tested-contain-chemicals-linked-learning-disabilities-cancer-serious-illnesses.html I am always skeptical of shock statistics. My inner voice always asks, “how did you get that number?” What methods were used? I want to see numbers and the interpretation of the numbers. Before I go any farther, I must make something clear. If these statistics are as menacing as they sound, everyone should… Read More Chemicals in Dollar Tree Items

An Angel Weeps

I close my eyes but I can’t sleep Across the room an angel weeps There are things she wants to know Like Daddy where did momma go I take her in my arms So to keep her from harm And in my arms she falls asleep But in my heart an angel weeps God if you… Read More An Angel Weeps

Seeds of Potential

Seeds of potential are in everyone. Present in each child at birth, they serve as blueprints of what each person may become. Be it by chance, or by the care of a hand, some seeds of potential fall upon fertile land. The seeds that are nurtured will grow. The seeds that starve, no one will know. For each person carries many seeds… Read More Seeds of Potential