Personal Media

The term, “Social media” is a misnomer. The function of social institutions, is to shape social interactions, which often involves restricting what to say and how to say it within the context of a given social interaction. We learn through various institutions and interactions how to behave in a variety of social roles. One person… Read More Personal Media

Invisible Rose

Outside the window of Hallmark store Realized that you deserve so much more I forgot it was Valentine’s Day I window shopped and went on my way I cannot buy anything to give Have no money for a place to live I want to give you only the best If all I have is you,… Read More Invisible Rose

All Fall Down

In the midst of this cloud of death The way of life is easy to forget Even the games that children play Take a darker tone these days Ring around the rosies, ring the bell Bring out your dead to line the streets of hell Burning bodies make an eerie sound Ashes turn to ashes and we… Read More All Fall Down


You shiver and shake your reality breaks each and every mistake everyone that you make and each one you deliver will make you shiver Like the man in the shadows wearing hat like each knock at the door each ratatat tat. Like the wind whistles through the leafless trees brings to mind repressed memories. You… Read More Shiver